Dazed Dorothy

Bespoke Leather & Suede Accessories

Elements to consider...

Colour: at Dazed Dorothy we realise how important it is to many of our clients to achieve an excellent colourmatch to other accessories such as your shoes. That is why we have access to a leather dying service to achieve a perfect shade match. Please note that this service will incur an additional cost.

Size: Do you carry everything including the kitchen sink? Then have your bag made specially to provide ample room for all of your items! Or do you prefer sweet and petite?Have a cute clutch created for you that's big enough for purely the essentials!

Strap Length: Make sure the length and type of strap are perfect for you, whether it's leather or chain, we can make sure it's not too long and it's not too short. You may prefer a wristlet strap that allows the bag to dangle safely on your wrist whilst you sip on your champagne!

Pockets: Would you like a specific number of pockets to give a home to certain items? Maybe a mobile phone pocket, one for an umbrella, a pouch for your keys or a pocket mirror? Just let us know of any special requirements.

Interior lining: You may like to have your bag or accessory lined with the same fabric that your dress or ensemble are being made from.

Sentimental items: Have sentimental buttons from a family tin or a beautiful piece of costume jewellery passed down from a relative incorporated into your bag design. If they are normally hidden in a drawer then give them a fabulous new lease of life!

Personalisation: Why not have your name, a favourite quote or a sentimental date embroidered in the inside of your accessory to make it a truly unique item.

Please allow up to four weeks for completion of your order.

Personal appointments to discuss your requirements are available. If you are unable to meet in person, do not worry as ideas can be discussed via email or telephone. Prices are dependent on individual commissions. 

Dream, imagine and then get in touch to begin creating your own little piece of loveliness...