Dazed Dorothy

Bespoke Leather & Suede Accessories

Tender Loving Care for your Leather & Suede Accessories... 

After purchasing an accessory from Dazed Dorothy we recommend you keep it in tip top condition to keep it looking fabulous for a long time to come. You can follow the tips below to ensure your product is well cared for, but remember these are only guidelines; if in doubt take your item to a professional leather & suede cleaner.   


Leather is a living material; never store your leather accessory in a plastic or other non breathable covers as this will cause the leather to become dry.

Small spots and stains on leather can sometimes be removed with a damp cloth.

Pen or ink marks can sometimes be removed with a little spot of hairspray, be aware that it may also remove colour from the leather.

If your leather becomes wet, allow it to dry at room temperature.

To bring the shine back to patent leather try rubbing a little vegetable or baby oil over it then buffing with a lint free cloth.

A small amount of furniture polish rubbed over leather may bring back it's sparkle.



Small stains and spots may sometimes be removed from suede with a soft eraser or soft toothbrush. Rub them in a gentle circular motion.

If gentle brushing does not do the trick you can try rubbing the area lightly with a fine emery board, then steam over a boiling kettle.

To remove dust and raise the nap of the suede you can dust it lightly in talcum powder and then brush with a soft toothbrush or suede brush.

To remove make-up stains on suede you can try rubbing the area with a piece of stale bread.